Last Stop on Market Street

Last Stop on Market Street

Open Date: 
5 Oct 2019

CJ hankers after a car, a new bike and headphones. But he can’t afford them. Ride with him and his loving Nana on the Dragon Bus as he meets fascinating fellow passengers and learns to use his eyes, heart and imagination to find beauty and wonder in unexpected places.

Please note: Last Stop on Market Street is an immersive experience with the show happening all around the audience. For the young people in the audience, we encourage them to sit on the floor. There is a limited number of chairs for adults.

Recommended for ages 5 and up

Upcoming Performances
   Berkeley       Sat May 30       10:30 am   
   Berkeley       Sat May 30       1:30 pm   
   Berkeley       Sat May 30       4:00 pm   
   Berkeley       Sun May 31       10:30 am   
   Berkeley       Sun May 31       1:30 pm   
   Berkeley       Sun May 31       4:00 pm   
   Berkeley       Sat Jun 6       10:30 am   
   Berkeley       Sat Jun 6       1:30 pm   
   Berkeley       Sat Jun 6       4:00 pm   
   Berkeley       Sun Jun 7       10:30 am   
   Berkeley       Sun Jun 7       1:30 pm   
   Berkeley       Sun Jun 7       4:00 pm   
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