Community Outreach + Education

In addition to offering our award winning TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) and our international recognized TVY (Theatre for the Very Young) productions Bay Area Children’s Theatre offers a robust variety of education and community outreach programs throughout the Bay Area.

Community Outreach

Student Matinees
Provides more than 10,000 students each year with completely free access to our mainstage productions with thousands more receiving subsidized admission.

Arts in Schools
Helps keep the arts alive in Bay Area schools by bringing arts educators into schools to provide classroom workshops, in-depth teaching artist residencies, and after-school enrichment.

Story Explorers    Click here to see Story Explorers in action!
Brings the benefits of experiencing theatre to students living with autism and other disabilities. This is a key element of our commitment to access and inclusion for every child.

Musical Theatre Outreach
This outreach initiative develops sustainable multi-year musical theatre programs in title one public elementary schools.


Academy Classes
Our award-winning musical theatre studio offers workshop classes for children ages 4 to 18. Classes ignite the joy of performance in while exploring creativity and storytelling.

Advanced Performers
Develop musical theatre skills and create in-depth ensemble-driven works guided by BACT specialists in dance, voice, and creative storytelling. We complete our competitive-level training, by traveling together to the Junior Theatre Festival.

Summer Camp
Our performance-based classes give children special opportunities that build their self-confidence, impart self-reliance, and prepare them for success in the adult world ahead.

Student Leadership
Offers training to participants interested in taking their experience with BACT to the next level. Participants will be role models to their peers as they garner valuable on-the-job training on the creative production process.

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