Professional Development Series

Build classroom community and learn to bring every subject life with BACT’s professional development series. Professional Teaching Artists will come to your school to teach K-12 educators how to bring theatre to the classroom and give each teacher the skills to bring dynamic exercises that meet Common Core and VAPA standards to every student. The series contains 3 modules: Body, Voice and Imagination. Modules may be taken in any order. PD series may be purchased in conjunction with other programs or on its own.

Body Module

Educators will learn how to get students out of their seats and reach kinesthetic learners. Educators will come away from this workshop with: An understanding of movement based theatre arts in the classroom;Common Core Connected theatre activities that they can do immediately with their students; Effective classroom management strategies for kinesthetic learning in the classroom setting

Voice Module

Educators will learn to use theatre arts to build the poise and confidence of every child in their classrooms by bringing voice to written text. This is a great workshop for classrooms with children that need reading comprehension and fluency development and is a great introduction to character analysis and story structure. Educators will come away from this workshop with: An understanding of how to guide students through building a character from written text and presenting that character clearly; Activities that they can employ that very day in their classrooms; Effective management techniques for a classroom working with story and character.

Imagination Module

Educators will learn to use theatre arts to access students’ imaginations for play creation, improvisation and writing. Teachers will come away from this workshop with an understanding of how children’s natural creativity can lead to more interesting, full creative writing; theatre activities that access imagination that teachers can use that very day; Classroom management strategies for an exciting, creative classroom

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