BACT Youth Education Program

Young people can learn from the arts in two different ways: as audience members and as participants. Both types of arts exposure are important, as each inspires imagination and creativity.

Performance-based classes give children special opportunities and experiences that can build their self-confidence, impart self-reliance, and prepare them for success in the adult world ahead. They learn that they can stand up in front of a group and give a speech or sing a song. They gain the skill to speak up and sing out. And, just as in the world of sports, they participate in defining and achieving goals as a member of a well-trained, well-prepared team. We emphasize teamwork and a focus on the ensemble in all our programs, for that is precisely what actors must do to win hearts and minds on stage.

Our teachers challenge students to achieve their very best, based on their abilities. They set high and achievable standards for behavior and performance, and they always make classes fun!

When kids are having fun they are happy and engaged. We build upon this base of fun and engagement to impart exciting new skills, encourage creativity, and help students learn and appreciate the art and craft of theatre.

Finally, we communicate regularly with you through email, class handouts, and web updates to keep you up informed about the schedule, your student's progress, major milestones for each class, and ways that you can help! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Bay Area Children's Theatre  |  6114 La Salle Ave Ste 431, Oakland, CA 94611  |  Phone: 510-296-4433  |